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This advanced course builds on the HTML & CSS skills gained in Web Development I by introducing students to the most popular content management system: WordPress. Students will start by learning the interface and metaphors of the program before moving to designing child themes and integrating blogs, image galleries, social media APIs and plugins into their sites. They will also learn some of the more common ways to secure WordPress from attack, and to troubleshoot when problems do occur. By the end of the course, students will have the tools to create a CMS based website that is functional, beautiful, accessible, reliable, and extensible.

This course develops the understanding of film, video and animation as moving-image texts with interconnected elements. The curriculum introduces concepts of overall form and style. Topics include: cinematography; mise-en-scene; editing; sound; forms of narrative; genres; dramatic, documentary and experimental; as well as the technological and industrial contexts of production, distribution and exhibition. Through close analysis of sequences within media works, students will develop analytical tools that will help them understand deeper layers of cinematic texts. Students attend both a screening and a lecture.

The purpose of this studio course is to offer a practice based learning environment with an Art & Text focus. It will provide a context and framework for students to learn about, and explore how text operates within contemporary visual culture, and within their own art practices.  A core learning outcome is to examine current practices that engage with text in a number of ways; from text-as-image, to artworks that use the book form, to works that include text and employ alternative structures of distribution (libraries, online database projects, hypertext experiments, etc.) to sound and writing-based art practices.  By working on independent text-based art projects, students will actively engage with text within their individual art practices, while considering the current discourse and production within the field.