FNDT-165-SU90-2020: Interdisciplinary Studio Core

Foundation Core is an introduction to a breath of conceptual, technical and disciplinary approached that includes 2D, 3D and 4D disciplines. Exploring different forms of conceptual and material-based inquiry, this studio course focuses on the understanding and articulation of core values shared across contemporary art, design, and media disciplines. Foundation Core emphasizes practices and concepts that provide a solid platform for any of the degree-focused studio cores offered in the second semester.

Course Content

In this particular Core Interdisciplinary Studio, students will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative project with Vancouver New Music (VNM) in creating a graphic sound score which will be performed by professional musicians and made public at the end of the term through VNM. This will entail a workshop talk with composer Giorgio Magnanensi, and an online work session with members of the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble, who will perform the scores students create. Artist bookwork will also be explored in this class, with a sharing of rare books from a private collector. Students will complete their own unique artist book by the end of the term.

Full course outline and syllabus is available on the course blog at http://blogs.eciad.ca/fndt-165-su90-2020/ and projects will be emailed to students.