DESN-350-SU90-2020: Topics in Interdisciplinary Design - Interactive Video

We are all getting pretty familiar with live video - using tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Twitch (to name a few) most days. Streaming is the portal through which we access both culture and companionship. We are all broadcasters. In this class, we will explore ways to engage with video creatively and in realtime, from VJing and video mixing, to chroma keying and camera tracking. We’ll be using both found footage and live video inputs to create generative video mixes, live camera environments, and playful interactive applications. Students will get to grips with Isadora - a simple but powerful toolkit for working with real-time and interactive video. You’ll be introduced to the principles of generative design, systems thinking and interactive design as applied to real-time video. These have applications within the world of theatre (projection mapping / set design), live music (VJing), broadcast (video mixing) and interactive art.

Course requirements: Mac / PC with webcam; Isadora license (1 month = $17.50 - will need 2 months)
Materials; coloured paper / card / tape / fabric