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Set Design is a cross-disciplinary practice. This course is designed for students who are interested in learning about working on or designing sets for film and digital media production. It will focus on the basic techniques and skills needed in set design and developing the look of a film or digital media production. The course is primarily geared towards to students in FMSA, NMSA, and ANIM but of interest and relevance to Design and Visual Arts students.

Course Content (for this specific offering of this course) :
This course will explore the various skills and concepts that constitute Production Design. We will begin with an overview of the development of the medium and go on to examine pre-production and production.

Production Design encompasses several levels of creative and organizational elements that provide the 'look' of an immersive experience. Some hands on assignments along with study facilitates the projects to allow students to discover the areas that interests their work towards the development of a graduation thesis. Full set construction cannot be hosted by the University, but the ambitions of the student can develop a portfolio towards a full scale set through this course for a film, animation or gallery installation project.

Course Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course the student will:
1. Understand how Design contributes to the visual story or experience.
2. Understand the internal operations of the Art Department, the various disciplines within, and the skills used in film and animation design, as well as installation.
3. Be aware of collaborative relationships both within Creative and Technical departments.
4. Have a strategy in place to take on Production Design project using existing skills. Work independently and begin to form an innovative practice that balances one’s own artistic vision with challenges like schedules, technical limits, resource availability, financial constraints, project scope, etc.

Resource materials:
Resources will be recommended dependant on the student’s projects.

Suggested Reading:
The Filmmaker's Guide to Production Design, Vincent LoBrutto
The Art Direction Handbook for Film, Vincent Michael Rizzo
By Design, Vincent LoBrutto
Setting the scene: The Great Hollywood Art Directors Sennett
Copies of these books are available in the library

Evaluation Criteria
Attendance (10%)
Participation (10%)
Assignment #1 - Mood board collage (10%)
Assignment #2 - Script Breakdown (10%)
Assignment #3 - Directed Research (15%)
Assignment #4 - Directed Design Proposal (35%)

Presentation for overall course assignments (10%)
Total 100%

Evaluation Criteria definitions

The concepts discussed in class are critical to the understanding of the projects.

Student must show involvement in the discussion to best evaluate the appreciation of the methods considered.

The criteria will vary dependant on the issues of the student’s aesthetic approach towards a conceptual goal. Production value is not a measure in this course, however the applications of the student aesthetics are considered in terms of the ideology of the work.

Student's attention to detail in the presentation of the work plays a role in evaluating a process.

Photographic Documentation of all works occurs on an ongoing basis for student progress.

Students are responsible for performing documentation as part of every assignment and final project proposal.