Week Name Description
File Audio Introduction to course: PLEASE LISTEN TO FIRST
Folder Course Folder-- Info on Syllabus, Assignments and more...

Syllabus, Marking Criteria, Overview of Assignments, Important additional info, collage glossary

3 June - 9 June File Assignment 1: 'Collisions, Revisions & Reversals'
File Presentation 1 - Collisions- Revisions- Reversals

Presentation 1 - Collisions- Revisions- Reversals

File Required Reading: 'The Users Guide to Detournement'

Set Reading: 'The Users Guide to Detournement'

File Required Reading: 'A Field of Interconnected Realities'

Set Reading: 'A Field of Interconnected Realities' is a reflective commentary by Paula Roush on a collaborative online/digital collage project.

URL required viewing: Jan Svankmajer video (starts at 52 seconds)

Jan Svankmajer video

10 June - 16 June File Required Reading: Redefining Collage


File Required Reading: 'Cut and Paste'


17 June - 23 June File Please fill out this 'real time' availablity schedule

Hi everyone, most of you have not yet filled out this form about your 'real time' availability yet and returned it to me. I have information from Hyeok, Kathleen and Jessica but no one else. Could you please fill this out asap and send it to me this week. Click on the link to open the form.



File Assignment #2: choice of 2 options

you can choose one of the two options.

URL Nature as Generator: resource info



URL Nature as Generator- Ernest Haekel-- biodiversity & collage/art

note the manner in which the scientific illustrations 'collage' various objects and how this is mimicked in other artworks/design works

24 June - 30 June File Required: Presentation 2: Text as Encounter

Presentation 2: Text as Encounter

File Required Reading

Sally O'Reilly: Introduction to 'Collage:Assembling Contemporary Art'

URL Required viewing: Vimeo: Ian Monroe

Where does one thing end and the next begin?

8 July - 14 July File Assignment #3

Please also see image folder relating to this assignment

URL required viewing: Francis STARK My Best Thing -- interview
Folder IMage folder: random images from google search of 'circulate'


  • To move in or flow through a circle or circuit.
  • To move around, as from person to person or place to place.
  • To move about or flow freely, as air.
URL Info about plotagon app
URL info about web cartoon maker
22 July - 28 July File Required reading: Circulationism

Hito Steyerl, Circulationism

URL Required viewing: Hito Steyerl-- circulationism -- video

A discussion by Hito Steyerl on the notion of circulationism -- it is about 1 1/2 hours long. Introduced by another speaker.

URL Conference discussion on ciruclationism: ICA transcript

Do You Follow? Art in Circulation 1 (Rush Transcript)m Oct 16, 2014: a transcript of a conference on the idea of the rhizome  and 'circulationism'

5 August - 11 August File Assignment #4

Assignment 4

URL See Francis Stark: A Torment of Follies

Hi everyone, follow this link for more info on Francis Stark

URL Additional reading: Francis Stark

Hi all, some more info on Stark.

12 August - 18 August File presentation- Journalising-mapping

 presentation- Journalizing-mapping

File Guidelines for the Final Reflective Review --

see these guidelines to prepare for writing and submission.