Section Name Description
Page Online Learning Mentors
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS & TROUBLESHOOTING Page Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting
NAVIGATING MOODLE File Changing your name in Moodle
Page Editing your profile
Page Navigating your profile
Page Notification Settings
Page Logging into your Course
Page Viewing courses in the Dashboard
NAVIGATING COURSES Page How to post to a discussion forum
Page How to upload an assignment
Page How to complete a quiz
Page How to check your grades
Page Using a text Editor
Page Copying text from MS Word
Page Adding hyperlinks
Page Forum Subscription and Notifications
USING MEDIA IN MOODLE Page How to upload media file to your My Media folder
Page How to embed media in Moodle
Page How to upload media to a Kaltura Media Assignment
Page How to use Kaltura Capture
Page How to add and edit machine made captions

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