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    • You can upload any video or audio file format to My Media. Once the file is uploaded you can share it in the Kaltura Media Gallery or using the Kaltura Video Resource tool. You can also embed your media within Moodle Resources and Activities such as forums, labels, pages, books, media assignments, the Kaltura Media Gallery etc. 

      Written guide
      How to upload to My Media and share media in a course

      Video guides
      How to upload files to My Media

      How to upload and embed media from the text editor

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        • If you need to share video content outside of Moodle, for example to share a link to a video or embed content in a WordPress blog site, you can do so from Kaltura's MediaSpace:

          In MediaSpace, users are in view-only mode by default, but you can gain manager privileges and access your My Media folder by emailing the TLC (
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