• Media Gallery function and configuration

    • Each Moodle course has a unique Kaltura Video Gallery which can be used as a class video repository. 

      The Media Gallery has some handy functions:
      • Displays a searchable transcript of a media's audio
      • Allows the instructor to attach additional files and presentation materials to the media that the student can download
      • Can allow media to be downloaded in a variety of file sizes - great for students with low bandwidth
      • Can be configured to allow student uploads (vetted by instructor) and class discussion under each media.

      After navigating to your Moodle course, the instructor will find the course's Media Gallery hidden in the horizontal course menu, under More:

      Screenshot showing where the Instructor finds the media gallery

      Student View: The Kaltura Media Gallery is more visible to the student:

      Screenshot of student view of media gallery

      BASIC USE: 


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      Written Guide: Kaltura Media Gallery Config