Sample Assignment: advanced file upload

There are some variations possible when you are requested to upload assignment files for grading.

This "advanced uploading of files" option allows you to upload more than one file. This sample assignment is set to allow you to submit two files.

You may be able to submit comments to your instructor along with your assignment if the comments option is enabled.

You may see a Submit for Marking button displayed.

While you may be able to upload and revise draft versions of your assignment, it will not be considered submitted until you hit the Submit for Marking button.

Note also that once you hit the Submit for Marking button, your assignment will be submitted to your instructor and you will no longer be able to make changes to your assignment.

Your instructor will provide you with detailed instructions regarding how many files you should be uploading and when they are to be submitted.

Feel free to upload a test file. For demo purposes, please keep your file to less than 100 kb.