Unit 2 Notes

Unit 2 Overview

This week we have two learning activities that will be facilitated by your colleagues - specifically:

  • Class Discussion Forum Case: Course Review Task Force (Class forum)
  • wiki Wiki Activity (Class) How do Adult Learners get their needs met online?

These activities will be supported by different technologies - the first uses forums (which you should now be getting comfortable using) and the other uses wikis, which may or may not be a familiar technology for you (wikis are essentially websites that anyone can edit - think "Wikipedia").

If you are not listed as one of the facilitators for the activities this week (see the course schedule), then you are a "student" in that activity and will be getting direction from the facilitators.

But...do start by reading and viewing the material in Unit 2 to prepare yourself to participate actively. There are some great videos in this unit from experienced faculty who share some of their experiences.

Toward the end of the week, "students" will give the facilitators feedback on how they did in the Mini-session Feedback Forum. So you might also have a look at the learning outcomes for this unit and prepare to give feedback on how their facilitation did/not support your achieving those outcomes. And if not, what would have helped you?

If you are finding the "flow" of the course confusing, please return to the Course Overview and review the section on Learning Activities, particularly the bits on Facilitating Mini-sessions, and participating in Mini-sessions.