Unit 1 Notes

Unit 1 Notes

Learning Outcomes and the RRU Philosophy

Jen Walinga (0:44)

As noted earlier, the emphasis in online facilitation is on guiding and supporting learners versus content "delivery". This point is echoed in the RRU Teaching Philosophy:

At Royal Roads University, faculty members share a passion for teaching and learning.


  • value learners as individuals who bring expertise and life experience to their education
  • support learners as they construct knowledge in a personally relevant way
  • enhance their life-long learning skills
  • focus on applied and professional learning
  • integrate research into the curriculum
  • are experts in many substantive areas of knowledge and take steps to share this
  • knowledge in ways that do not interfere with the adult learner's responsibility to learn and reflect for themselves
  • are knowledgeable in current adult learning theory
  • know how to use appropriate learning technologies for the desired learning objectives
  • believe that teaching and learning is a critically reflective practice
  • foster learning climates that are respectful, welcoming and inclusive
  • facilitate learning experiences that are authentic, challenging, collaborative and engaging model and encourage academic integrity
  • are life-long learners who aspire to create experiences where new learning changes all members of the learning community and where learners contribute meaningfully to the learning of others
  • actively participate in the University's global learning community

Using Learning Outcomes to guide learning and assessment is probably the most critical element of the RRU online learning context.