Unit 2 Learning Outcomes

This unit focuses on the following course learning outcomes and self assessment criteria:

Learning OutcomeSelf-Assessment Criteria
Discuss theories of adult learning and styles and their application to online teaching
  • Articulate rationale for instructional choices
Reflect on how best to facilitate online learning effectively
  • Define instructor role (s) in supporting learning online
  • Demonstrate effective and appropriate online facilitation, communication, questioning and coaching skills
  • Identify and respond strategically to online “teachable moments”
Discuss how to link theories of how to build and sustain online communities with theories of adult learning and styles
  • Identify strategies for working with diverse online communities (e.g., existing cohort and team cultures)
Manage the online course environment
  • Use appropriate strategies to establish and maintain online environment, including instructor presence and general housekeeping
  • Articulate strategies for maintaining work/life balance and boundaries (e.g., office hours, manage expectations early in the course)