Unit 3 Overview

This week we will be led by our colleagues through a real-life inspired case about working in teams!

  • class discussion forum Case: Team in Trouble (Class forum)

If you are NOT listed as one of the facilitators for the activities this week (see the course schedule), then you are a "student" in that activity and will be getting direction from the facilitators on how to proceed.

Since we don't yet know what tools or processes the facilitators will use to support our learning, the best thing you can do to prepare is...

  1. read the case: Team in Trouble - it is very short and presented mostly as email exchanges among this fictional team.
  2. review the Unit Notes and videos for this unit
  3. read the readings for this unit

As always, toward the end of the week, "students" will give facilitators feedback on how they did in the Mini-session Feedback Forum. So have a good look at the learning outcomes for this unit and prepare to give feedback on how their facilitation did/not support your achieving those outcomes. And if not, what would have helped you?