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3. Bonjour/Welcome!

3.6. Dominion Postcard, c. 1890

Foreign Depiction of Dominion Geography

For information about formation of the Dominion, earlier and more recent aspects of Canadian history, including references to the Domininon and other periods in the History of Canada visit the History of Canada website.

This postcard was an advertisement for Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co. New York City. Like many images depicting aspects of Canadian culture and environment, this card was part of a series representing over thirty other nations.

Postcards, magazines and other international paper ephemera concerned with Canadian content may not printed in Canada.

Many “Canadian” items have come from the United Kingdom, the United States and other nations with large printing operations and global markets. Like other printed ephmera, postcards produced abroad may incorporate images of Canadian flora, fauna, and other natural features, as well as regional social and cultural activities.

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