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3. Bonjour/Welcome!

3.5. The Great Divide: Alberta/British Columbia


The Environment and Resources

The Great Divide is the geographic point where all waters flow either west to the Pacific Ocean or east to the Atlantic Ocean. Displays at the picnic area describe this phenomenon which may be seen in action as the creek separates mid-flow.

The Great Divide is located west of Lake Louise on the border between Alberta and British Columbia. The diverse geography of Canada plays an important role in regard to design and craft. Antonio Gaudi, the Spanish architect noted that “originality is to return to the region,” and that originality is what you do with what surrounds you.

The land, water, skies, flora, fauna, and the vast resources of this young nation, Canada, provide unlimited creative possibilities for designers and craftspeople. These resources are not unlimited. Hence, the challenge to current and future applied artists: How to do more with less with sustainable materials respecting the environment and resources of Canada.
Greenpeace, David Suzuki, scientists and actiivists have branded Canada as a centre for environmental issues.

Suzuki and Dressler commented in their book Good News for Change: Hope for a Troubled Planet (chapter titled Making Money Like a Bee), "In fact, everyone does know what this word means (sustainability); it's just that no one knows exactly what it looks like in practice."

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