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4. Flags, Crests and Official Designs

4.6. Patrick Reid, Director, Exhibition Commission, Ottawa, 1960s


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Canadian Flag Design Competiton, 1964

Patrick Reid recalls the days and hours leading to the final design of the Canadian flag. Rick Archbold, author of I Stand for Canada: The Story of the Maple Leaf Flag, noted, “In June 1963, almost a hundred years after its birth as a country, Canada still didn’t have a flag. Yet Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s recent election promise to give Canada its own distinct official banner seemed like a promise to commit political suicide. Tensions in the country were already running high and every previous attempt at choosing a flag had ended in bitter stalemate. Only six months later, however, after one of the most tempestuous debates in parliamentary history and some adroit political maneuvering, the House of Commons voted to adopt the red-and-white maple leaf flag.?/p>