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2. Canadian Images and Icons


Douglas Coupland, alumus of ECUAD and author of Generation X and so many other books, articles, television, films, etc. explores the ethos of Canadian culture. His books: Souvenir of Canada Vols. 1 and 2 talks picture "the look" of Canada.

Think of your first assignment when you think about Dougs work. In your Coursepack is an article from Macleans on Canada "Lite".

So much of Coupland's work is concerned with Canadian imagery, content and qualities that distinguish Canadian.?

Your first assignment encourages you to look carefully at the issue of articulating and acknowledging Canadian design. See assignments for more information.

For the purposes of this course, Canadian design is anything created by a Canadian, in Canada or abroad, or anything produced in Canada, or anything that incorporates Canadian imagery, symbolism or content into its design. This could include a wide range of material produced in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, Britain, etc.

Examples of Canadian images and content incorporated into designs from outside of Canada are included in this lecture. A copy of the Maclean's Magazine article titled American Lite Is That Our Future? is included in your Coursepack.

Sources: Coupland, Maclean's Magazine, November 25, 2002, p. 22