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3. Bonjour/Welcome!

3.15. Hockey

Crafted Wood Hockey Player, Nova Scotia

Folk art, tourist souvenirs and other artisan-produced craft and design, often reflect the spirit of a place.

In Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and other Atlantic provinces, boat builders, wood workers, and others, some retired and others wanted to earn extra money (particularly during the Depression of the 1920s and early 1930s).

Folk art like the Hockey Player depicted here are not only popular with tourists but are included in serious folk art collections.

The tourist souvenirs contribute to the livlihood of artisans working in cottage industries. Folk art and other forms of vernacular design will be discussed in future lectures.

The Canadian Moose is a Web-based shop that sells “Canadian" products. Some are quite “kitschy" and others just plain “bad". The site has articles on such themes as the disputed origins of hockey in Canada.

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