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5. Design, Craft, Folk/Vernacular Art

5.2. Treasury of Canadian Craft

Art, Design, Craft

Distinctions between design and craft continued to be argued. Both “design?and “craft?are included in this survey. Much or what is included in the course may be termed “applied arts.?Most have practical applications and are primarily concerned with function and communication. Of course, the "fine arts" involves communication and function as well, but is primarily concerned with self expression.

Some argue that the distinctions between these categories are becoming less and less meaningful. Others, argue the importance of defining and distinguishing these terms.

Your Coursepack contains an article by Paul Mathieu, Potter. He contrasts and comments on differences and similarities of the three aspects of creativity.

The Treasury of Canadian Craft Exhibition included examples of craft from earliest times to the 1990s.

A number of articles from this publication are included in your Coursepack.