Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

2. Apprentice Typesetter, Edmonton Bulletin, Edmonton, Alberta, 1904

2.1. Ordination Serman Cover Page, Anthony Henry, Printer, Nova Scotia, 1770

Green Arrives and Bushell Continues

"Canadian printing is the linear descendant of American printing, and its birth dates from almost the middle of the 18th century. Thoughout the one hundred and fifty years prior to 1763, during which it flourished on this continent, French civilization had many glorious achievements to its credit, the happy influences of which are yet felt; but in the study of these many brilliant manifestations of its vitality, we are nevertheless conscious of an amazing deficiency. Even until the beginning of the English regime in Canada, and at a period when other civilized races were awakening, beneath the pressure of progressive growith of ideas, to the need of new means of expression, the French colonies in North America had nothing with which to express their feelings and thoughts except a limited language and rudimentary handwriting....By 1750 printing was already long-rooted in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Massachusetts."

Bartholomew Green Jr. a trained printer, son and grandson of printers arrived in Halifax, autumn, 1751. After only five weeks after his arrival he would die. John Bushell picked up the heritage left by Green and opened a shop in Halifax, January 1752.

The Sermon was the first religious work produced in Nova Scotia.