Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

2. Apprentice Typesetter, Edmonton Bulletin, Edmonton, Alberta, 1904

2.6. Wonders of the West, James Lynee Alexander, Toronto, Ontario, 1825

Early Years in Ontario

The eariliest press in Ontario arrived in 1798 at the command of Lieutenant Governor Simcoe. Titus Geer Simons prepared the move of the press from Niagara to York.

"In the early years of York the press operated for government, printing editions as large as 1,600 copies of public notices, land grants, oaths of allegiance, and other instruments for the orderly settlement of a new province...Within the first decade, the king's printers, who operated the press at York until 1820, began to supply private reading with a substantial alamanac in 1803 and the first known sermon in 1805...By the late 1820s communities of native readers could own a schoolbook in Chippewa or the first seven chapters of Matthew printed at York in English and Chippewa edition of 2,000 copies....In a printing history of Toronto the 1820s could form a chronology of firsts, with publications by benevolent societies, banks, and schools, including the charter for King's College. Methodists and Quakers took to print as did promoters of canals and steam navigation. A local nurseryman distributed free an eighteen-page catalogue of his stock, and two books of Canadian verse were published. "