Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

2. Apprentice Typesetter, Edmonton Bulletin, Edmonton, Alberta, 1904

2.11. The Beggar's Opera, J. E. H. McDonald, Toronto, Ontario, 1923

J. E. H. McDonald, Designer, Educator, Aritist

The broadside pictured here was designed by J.E. H. MacDonald, perhaps the one Canadian who has contributed the most to graphic design and illustration in Canada. He was a member of the Group of Seven, a designer educator and artist. We will learn more about MacDonald, later in this lecture.

"While in the first year as [Arts and Letters] Club president J. E. H. MacDonald was appointed principal of the [Ontario] College of Art (March 11th, 1929). The load was a very heavy one, particularly because he continued as head of the Graphics and Design Department. "