Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

2. Apprentice Typesetter, Edmonton Bulletin, Edmonton, Alberta, 1904

2.12. Perth County Festival Broadside, William Rueter, Ontario, 1976

Broadsides Printed Before 1866 May Outlast Recent Printing

"Ironically broadsides printed before 1866, when wood pulp was first used in Canada for paper manufacturing, will likely outlast posters printed after that date, because of sulphuric acid employed in pulp-making ensures that deterioration of pf non-rag paper. The most expensive coated bond stock has a circumscribed like expectancy compare to rag stock; consequently, it may be that our descendents will judge our commercial printing efforts by the early broadsides rather than by the posters we manufacture today."

Pictured here is is a contemporary broadside use to advertise the Second Biennial Perth County Slumgullion Festival.