Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

2. Apprentice Typesetter, Edmonton Bulletin, Edmonton, Alberta, 1904

2.19. Cartier Typeface, Carl Dair, Rod McDonald, Toronto, 1957-2000

First Canadian Type for Text, Celebrating Canada's Centennial

"This is a story of two men, who shared a common goal, one knowingly, one not. Through their combined efforts these strangers would create for all the first truly Canadian typeface, Cartier Roman & Cartier Book.

In 1957, designer, Carl Dair was chosen to create a new and distinctive Canadian typeface. In 1966 the first proof of Cartier (roman & italic) was published as 'the first Canadian type for text composition' to mark the Centenary of Canadian Confederation." Unfortunately Dair had only completed roman (upper & lower case) and italic (lower case only). Some say that due to his ego he would not allow the type studios to complete it for him. So his vision along with that of Cartier died with him in 1968, or so we thought.

It's 1973 and Rod McDonald enters the picture. Though their paths had never crossed, McDonald would learn about Dair's work through the company Mono Lino typesetting. It being the oldest typesetting company in the country and holder of the exclusive rights to Carl Dair's Cartier typeface. Rod McDonald began the redesign of Cartier in the fall of 1998. By January, 2000 Cartier Roman and Italic were redesigned into working typefaces. "