Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

3. Pioneers of Graphic Design

3.1. Toronto Art Students League


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Toronto Art Students League, Toronto, 1886

Robert Stacey talks about origins of graphic design education and the early days of the Toronto Art Students League, a precursor of Ontario College of Art and Design. "The League (art school) is rooted in Canadian art history. In 1876, a group of Toronto artists started an art school, which, after a series of name changes, is now know as the Ontario College of Art and Design. However, in 1886, OCAD's founders became disillusioned with government involvement and formally withdrew their support to launch another art school modeled on the recently formed Art Students League of New York. They called it Toronto Art Students' League. The Toronto League continued meeting until 1906 when the group disbanded. Students of the Arthur Lismer briefly revived the art school in 1927." In 1999, Bruce Francisco invisioned the current Art Students League of Toronto.