Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

3. Pioneers of Graphic Design

3.2. Grip Ltd., Studio, Toronto, January, 1891

Grip and Carlton Studios

"In Toronto, awareness of the progress made by the modern poster was registered by such forward-looking organizations as the Ontario Society of Artists and the Toronto Art Student's League. The League's members were, for the most part, professional illustrators and lithographers, or art students who realized that to make their livings they would have to join commercial art studios, the staffs of newspapers and magazines, or printing companies. From the date of its inception in 1886 the League's primary objective was the awakening of artists and the public to the possibilities of using the Canadian landscape as subject matter; but its leaders were also strongly affected by such contemporary trends as French Impressionism, the modern Scandinavian landscape shool, and art nouveau.
Toronto Lithographing Company Co., the Toronto Engraving Co., and Grip Ltd (pictured here) were adding to their printing facilities the services of illustrators and designers capable of producing artwork in the styles of their customers' choice. The idea of the modern commercial art studio housing under one roof draftsmen, photographers, plate-makers, layout-artists, copywriters, and advertising salesmen was imported to Great Britain in 1902. A.A. Martin, W. T. Wallace, T. G. Greene and Norman Price, who all became co-founders of London's Carlton Studios; other Canadians, including J.E.H. MacDonald, later briefly also joined the firm. "

(left to right)
Arthur Rossell (?), Stanley Kemp (?),
Rowley Murphy (?), Tom Thompson, W. S. Broadhead (standing), Arthur Lismer, Frederick Varley, J. E. H. MacDonald, unknown, unknown.