Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

3. Pioneers of Graphic Design

3.9. Bruce Mau Design, Greg Van Alstyne, Programme Director, Institute Without Boundaries, Toronto, Ontario, 2003


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Cross Disciplinary Design

"Since it inception in Toronto in 1985, Bruce Mau Design has gained international recognition for cross-disciplinary work. The studio provides expertise and innovation across a wide range of projects: identity and branding, research and conceptual programming, print design and production, environmental graphics, exhibition design, and product development. BMD collaborates with some of the world's leading architects, artists, writers, curators, academics, entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions. Recent projects include: a design and branding stategy with Candain retail giants Roots; Tree City, a project to transform Downsview Park in Toronto; STRESS, a multi-media installation about the limits of the human body; an Puente de Vida, the development of a museum of biodiversity in Panama City."