Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

4. Stamps and Currency

4.7. Canada Post Logo/ Signage, Canada, 2000

Graphic Standards/Rules for Use of Logo

"The Logo may not be used on any material that infringes on Canada Post intellectual property or other rights, or that disobeys any municipal, provincial, federal, or international law.
The Logo may never be used in any way that would denigrate Canada Post or its products or services.

The Logo may not be imitated or used in any way as a design feature. The Logo may not be distorted in perspective or appearance, or changed in any manner whatsoever.
In no event may third parties use, replicate, or create a ‘spin off’ of the Canada Post corporate tagline (“From anywhere… to anyone™”). This tagline is reserved for the exclusive use of Canada Post Corporation.
The Logo may only be used on Web pages that make accurate references to Canada Post or its products or services, and must be displayed on the same page as the reference. The Web page should be set up so that it is clear to the viewer that the Web page is the company’s Web page and not that of Canada Post. In particular, on any Web page on which it uses the Logo, the Company must also display, in the primary and more prominent position, its own Web page title, trademarks, and logos.

On a Web site, the Logo must always be an active link to Canada Post’s homepage at http://www.canadapost.ca."