Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

4. Stamps and Currency

4.21. Canadian 20 Dollar Bill, Bill Reid, Canada, 2004

Inspired by Haida Culture

"The artwork of Bill Reid (1920-1998), inspired by the Haida culture of Canada's northwest coast, was chosen to represent this theme. Internationally recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished artists, Bill Reid embraced many art forms during his career. His magnificent works range from the intricate to the monumental—woodcarvings, exquisite jewellery, beautiful prints, and massive sculptures. Depicted on the new $20 note are The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, The Raven and the First Men, The Grizzly Bear, and Mythic Messengers. Bill Reid was a mentor, and his work continues to inspire."

Visit the link provided to learn more about the design of the Canadian twenty dollar bill.