Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

5. Labels, & Advertising Ephemera

5.8. OK Apple Labels, British Columiba, 1910s -1950s.

Apple Crate Labels, British Columbia

"The first selling agency in B.C. was calle the Fruit and Produce Exchange and was formed in 1907. It lasted only one year. The Kootenay Fruit (Strawberry label) bears this selling agency, thereby dating this label to be the 1907-08 period. Okanagan United Growers or OUG lasted from 1913 until 1923. About 1000 growers signed up with this agency. Associated Growers of British Columbia began May 10, 1923 and was in business until late 1930s. Incorporated in July of 1936, the B.C. Tree Fruits Limited did not reach its goal as sole selling agency in B.C. until 1939. Their first logo on the labels, "Sales Agents. BC Tree Fruits" , was used from about 1939 until 1954. At that time it switched logos from Sales Agents to Mountain Grown. This logo was in use until the death of the fruit label, about 1969.

Salves Service Limited was an agency for independant orchards that operated from approximately 1927 to 1939. The Empire Star logo was used on labels form about five years, in the 1930's ( approximately 1933 t0 1938).

Labels that where black and white, blue and white along with labels with little or no colour are quite early. These date from the late teens through the 1920s. Labels bearing the wording "Cooperative Farmers" are also usually from the late teens or early 1920s>
From 1954 on, labels are dated by the last two numbers of the year printed on the bottom of the label."

The OK labels pictured here date between 1910 and 1950.