Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

5. Labels, & Advertising Ephemera

5.9. Blue Bird Canadian Products, Sales Service Limited, Kelowna, British Columbia, c. 1930s

Fruit Crate Label Lithograph Companies, British Columbia

"The two companies that did the majority fo B.C. Fruitt Crate Labels were: F.C. Smith Litho, Vancouver, B.C. and Bulman Bros. Ltd. Vancouver B.C. These were followed by Grant Litho, also of Vancouver. In 1947, Mann Litho appeared on the scene followed by the amalgamation in 1951 with Grant to form Grant-Mann Litho. Some of the very earliest labels were doen by B.C. Print and Litho Ltd., Vancouver; for example Penticton Fruit Growers Uniion- OK Apples, a large size label circa 1918 and CG Brand.

Other very earliest labels were done by out of province litho companies. The Crest Brand-Crestland Fruit, Creston , B.C. is an example of one done by the Western Printing and Lithography Co. Ltd., Calgary. The Stovel Co. Ltd., Winnipeg put out the yellow OK label (Canada's Best) and Non-Irrigated Apples (blue background with two apples on the front)."