Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

5. Labels, & Advertising Ephemera

5.15. Canadian History Series (Series 48) Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Ltd. c. 1910

Tobacco Cards and Anti-Smoking Campaign.

These collector cards advertised the Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, Limited and provided gilmpses of Canadian History for students ( potential smokers) and their families. Although the male member of the family was generally the purchaser of the product, the children and women would keep the collections for entertainment and education.

Things are certainly changed today. The Anti- Smoking design project organized by the government of Manitoba is asking young people for design proposals.

"The Manitoba government is asking almost 120,000 students to decide whether they want their next anti-smoking campaign to be delivered with wry humour, graphic realism or a heartwrenching personal touch.

The "review and rate" program, launched Monday at a north end Winnipeg high school, will see students in Grades 6 through 12 across Manitoba vote to determine which of a dozen TV commercials they think is most effective in preventing classmates from lighting up and in getting existing smokers to butt out.

Healthy Living Minister Jim Rondeau said he and Education Minister Peter Bjornson want to use peer pressure to their advantage."

Pictured here are a selection of the 48 cards issued in this series:

(top left and right)
First Canadian Steamboat "S.S. Accommodation" built by Molson
Carot Sails from Bristol 1497

(second row)
The Great Quebec Bridge
Champlain and French Pioneers enterain Memberton and other Indians of Port Royal, 1607

(3rd row)

Champlain Soujourn with the Indians 1615-1616
Champlain discovers Lake Champlain, about 1606

(4th row)

Princess Patricia inspects her Regiment
Building the fitrs Church, 1615

(bottom row)
Indians assist Brebuel in building his mission house, 1634
Indians warning of Kirke's Approach, 1628