Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

7. Transportation Posters & Designs

7.4. Summer Tours Fro 1893 Poster, Canadian Pacfic Railway, 1893

Extraordinary Record of Poster Design, Canadian Pacific Railway

"The Canadian Pacific Railway Company created an extraordinary record of poster design as they sought to promote travel and attract settlers to Canada.

Canadian Pacific advertised its services through bold design and marketing brilliance. Artists were recruited from among Canada’s most celebrated painters and graphic designers.

The CPR used the persuasive power of posters to portray all aspects of its travel and tourism services. Posters have caused settlers to come to the Canadian West; have enticed travellers to board Canadian Pacific rail, ship, and air services; and have invited the wealthy to take cruises, stay in hotels and resorts, and enjoy tours to Canada and around the world.

The posters of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company popularized global travel and tourism, and have provided beautiful and enduring images of Canada."