Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

8. War Posters

8.9. Careless Words Poster, French and English, WW2, Ottawa, c. 1940

The Secret War

"Censorship and tight security at military camps and munitions plants would have been powerless against the civilian networks of families, friends and lovers. Amongst them would be spies according to many of the posters and communications issued by the Ministry of National War Services.

Qoute from William Stephenson in A Man Called Intrepid:
"The Big Lie takes many forms. It can win bloodless victories for Germany if our leaders are soft-headed...Germany's final enemies are in North America. Hitler will try first to sap our courage by winning friends there."

This was a secret war with agents, spies, and use of media. For example, "buried in teh Toronto Telegram's want ads section in 1941 was a piece recruiting "secretaries to work for the British Government in New York. Behind the ad was the British Secret Intelligence Services."