Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

8. War Posters

8.11. War Saving Stamps Poster with Cut-Out Clothing, Ottawa, c. 1940

A Time for Volunteers

"Ration coupons, victory bonds went hand-in-hand with hard times. Poster like the one pictured here encourged students to get behind the Canadian war effort by fund-raising for supplies.

Not only were materials and good at a premium, hotel rooms and and upper birth (econmy) on sleeping cars were hard to find. With rents frozen, landlords asked for "key money" or insisted on selling a few sticks of useless furniture before they would rent an apartment. Use car dealers circumvented the law to sell prized vehicles. In 1944 the government forbade Canadians to move to certain over-crowded cities, including Victoria, Vancouver, New Westminster, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Hull without permission.

Wartime was a time for volunteers. The Junior League packed parcels for prisoners of war, Housewives knitted socks for soldiers and saved bacon fat and bones to provide glycerine for explosives and surrended aluminum pots and pans to manufacture more planes.There was a Milk for Britain fund in Vancouver and Books for Boys drive in Toronto. "