Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

8. War Posters

8.12. War Saving Stamps Poster, Ottawa, c. 1940

Cut Out Clothing for Fundraising

War saving stamps were purchased to help with the war effort by providing cash that may be used for industrial production of goods needed by soldiers. The cut-out clothing is listed under the caption; "What your money can buy, 1, 50cents- suspenders, 3. $1.75, 8 backpack, $5.75, and so on."

This was the message sent to schools across Canada by National War Services: ( each poster was sent with a separate sheet of cut-out clothing)

"This poster represents one fifth of the year's quota for your class. The objective is to clothe and equip the Airman on the poster. As your pupils save enought to buy one of the items, cut it out neatly and paste it carefully in position on the Poster."
Students would organize fund raising events and work projects to raise funds to be converted to war saving stamps for supplies to soldiers.