Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

8. War Posters

8.14. Electric Hydro, This Is Our Strength Poster, Marian Scott, National Film Board, Wartime Information Board, Ottawa, 1940-1944

Young and Rubican Survery

" In 1942, employees at Young and Rubicon, Inc. conducted a survey of Canadian war posters in Toronto. This was done at the request of the graphic division of the United States Office of Facts and Figures, a body established by the National Advisory Council on Government Posters. Thirty-three posters which had been used in five differnent campaigns were studied, and interviews employing the "recognition method" were conducted with men and women of various income groups. A set of four basic findings was promulgated:

1. War posters that make a purely emotional appeal are by far the best.
2. War posters tghat are symbolic do not attract a great deal of attention, and fairl to arouse enthusiasm.
3. War posters that make straightforward, factual appeals are much less likely to be effective than those that make emotional appeals.
4.Humourous was posters do not attract as much attention, nor do they make as popular an appeal as those carrying an emotional or even factural message.

The poster judged most sucessful was G. K Odell's "Keep Hands Off" illustrated on page 5 of this lecture.