Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

9. Film Posters

9.5. Saskatchewan With Quebec Censorship Mark of Approval, Filmed in Canada, 1953

Banff First Hollywood North

"But for sheer, unadulterated glamour, nothing equalled the summer of 1953. It was a summer when the Bow Valley was awash in movie stars. In mid-August, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum and Rory Calhoun arrived in Banff from Jasper to complete River of No Return. Alan Ladd and Shelly Winters were already in town, living at the Banff Springs Hotel, working on yet another travesty of Canadian history incongruously entitled Saskatchewan.

Marilyn Monroe's star dwarfed all others that summer, particularly with Banff's male population. And their adoration was only enhanced by their sympathy for the brave actress who had sprained her ankle on-location in Jasper and was now forced to hobble onto a raft each day at Bow Falls, Two Jack Lake, and Seebe's Horseshoe Canyon to complete the film's final scenes. (Shelly Winters later accused Marilyn of feigning the injury to soften director Otto Preminger's criticism of her acting.)

The activity of 1953 prompted many residents to believe Banff had become Hollywood North. During the course of the summer, one local outfitter supplied 280 horses and 200 Stoney Indians to the motion picture companies working in the Bow Valley, and on two other productions in Jasper."