Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

9. Film Posters

9.6. The Canadians,20th Century Fox, 1961

Canadian Poster Distribution Network

Many of the posters used to advertise Canadian films were actually produced, then slighly modified for distribution in Canada.

Illustration: Filmed on the Saskatchewan battlegrounds where it happened.... Staring Robert Ryan
"Because of the complexities of the structure of the studios, to understand Canadian movie paper, we have to step back and look at distribution.

Canadian movie paper (posters and other forms) came from 4 distribution points, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and St. John New Brunswick. These 4 distribution centers were set up as independent distributors.


The Calgary branch was set up as an independent distributor. In 1950 Sol Candel took over the facility, known then as the Theater Poster Exchange. The Calgary branch basically would receive their material from National Screen in the US, make slight modifications and distribute them.

Each providence had its own censor board so the distributor had to modify the posters to fit each requirement. This was done through a variety of ways, such as: snipes, stickers and the infamous..... black magic marker! This was done quite often over MPAA ratings etc.

In the early 60's the name was changed to Consolidated Theater Services.

In 1964, the Candel family expanded and took over the Toronto branch as well.

Everything basically stayed the same until 1990 when ties to National Screen Service were severed."

The poster notes:
"Introduction Teresa Stratas (Canadian opera star) and staring Robert Ryan(American). Many Hollywood productions with Canadian content would be filmed in Canada with local production and acting talent and, often, with Canadian investment.

"20th Century Fox, Theirs Was The Courage That Stood Against The Killers Custer Couldn't Stop!"