Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

9. Film Posters

9.9. The Decline of the American Empire, Malofilm Group, National Film Board of Canada, 1986

Most Successful Film in the History of Canadain Cinema-Over 21 Prizes Won Worldwide.

"Acclaimed Canadian director Denys Arcand's witty comedy focuses on the marriages and affairs of eight intellectual friends. The group has plans to gather at a secluded house for dinner. While the four men prepare the food and reflect on their promiscuity, the four women discuss their own affairs at a nearby gym. At the dinner table, conflicts soon arise when Dominique, who teaches history at the local university, reveals that she herself has had affairs with two of the men there -- one of whom is married to Louise, also present. The entire evening turns into a disaster, with everyone at each other's throats. This Oscar-nominated Canadian film explores the subjects of marriage, infidelity and sex when a group of friendly intellectuals get together for a weekend in the country."

The poster imploys Picasso-like drawings in a French inspired surrealist setting.