Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

10. Various Posters & Illustrations

10.9. Pornographic Art Expostiong, Vittorio Fiorucci, Montreal, Quebec, c. 1970

Opera, Expo, Festival Posters

"During the preparation of the 1997 Kyoto Conference on Climate Change, Vittorio was the only Canadian to be invited to create a poster for the event; he was competing amongst the best poster artists in the world. But that was not the first time Vittorio's name was associated with a humanitarian cause; as early as 1967, he created an environmental poster titled "Don't cut the trees". He also made an imaginative statement with his "Women’s Lib" poster and with "Adieu Montréal", an image reflecting the demolition of Montreal's urban heritage.

In 1980, the Encyclopædia Universalis recognized him as one of the best poster artists in the world. The 1998 Mobius Award from the International Advertising Awards of Chicago and the 2000 CAPIC (Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators) Lifetime Achievement Award are just two of the honours bestowed on him throughout his career. The Institute of Design Montréal presented the Sam Lapointe Award to Vittorio Fiorucci in 2001."