Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

10. Various Posters & Illustrations

10.17. Calgary Stampede Poster, Calgary, Alberta, 1973

Posters Document History

“Nothing illustrates the history and growth of the Calgary "Stampede with more accuracy and clarity than the annual posters…”
- Lorne Stoute, The Canadian Cattleman, June 1946

Each year the Calgary Stampede creates a new poster to promote its celebration of western culture and tradition. Collectively, these posters portray 10 decades of vibrant and colourful history of both the Calgary Stampede and of life in southern Alberta.

The Calgary Stampede Historical Committee in association with the Calgary Stampede Foundation is creating a permanent home for a public exhibition of these posters. The “Parade of Historical Posters” will open in June 2003 at Stampede Park."

Visit the link provided to view Calgary Stampede posters from early times to present.