Week 5 B -Graphics, Typography & Package Design

Week Ten Graphics, Typography & Package Design

12. Vancouver 2010 Olympic Logo/Graphics and "Look"

12.3. Vancouver 2010 Olympic Design Team

Design team with Leo Obstbaum, Vancouver, circa 2008

"The official poster is one of the most popular collector’s items of the Olympic Games and has had a place in history since the first Games poster in 1912. The Vancouver 2010 official poster concept was sketched quickly on paper and a digital mock-up was complete within a few hours. Over several weeks, each element of the design was stenciled and inked by hand at a 1:1 ratio (24x36 inch canvas) before being digitally assembled. The posters received international attention in newspapers, design magazines, and television, including an appearance on The Colbert Report on February 11, 2010, the eve of the opening ceremonies. Two editions went into production. 18x27 inch 4-colour offset lithography, and 16x24 inch limited edition (2010 signed and number prints) 12-colour giclee fine art print with embossed emblems. In April 2012, the posters were added to the 2nd edition of "A Century of Olympic Posters" by Margaret Timmers. The Look of the Games graphic elements were created by the 2010 design team (Mélanie Kimmett, Jason Esteban, Ben Hulse, Karen Clark, Jackie Boucher, Chloé Douglas, Shawn Parkinson) and were reinterpreted for the posters. Concept, design, stencilling, compositing and photography by Ben Hulse. Art direction by Leo Obstbaum. Project management by Julie Morgan."

Leo Obstbaum passed away prior to the opening of the games.

Sources: HU website, Industrial Brand website

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