Forum for discussing readings/presentation

Please upload your comments by Wednesday 6:00 pm -- to start a discussion/respond to the material etc. Following that, from Wednesday pm to Friday pm please check in intermittently and respond to the comments/ develop the discussion.

Prompt questions (these are to get a conversation going, so please do elaborate, diverge, emerge with your own thoughts and questions):

1) What are your thoughts on Guy Debord's notion of 'detournement'  (trans. 'hijacking', or 'turning back' etc.)? 

2) Debord outlines a set of guidelines as a way of effecting a good 'detournement'. What do you think about his thoughts on technique? How might you apply these ideas in your own work?

3) What do you think about the interpretation of a surrealist collage novel using the medium of a webcam/split screen? How does this relate to the required readings and the idea of collage as an expanded 'space', so to speak? How, if at all, does this inspire you to experiment and push the concept of collage?

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