Looking Back, Looking Forward... (Class)

Looking Back, Looking Forward (Class)

The goal of this activity is to help you engage in and share your reflective practice by taking stock of your learning in this course and making concrete plans for next steps.

Use the following prompts to compose a paragraph or two in response.

Looking Back: Your Key Learnings

  • review your blog posts (and perhaps those of others) - consider key themes, "aha" moments, etc.
  • think about the feedback you gave and received throughout the course
  • post the key learnings you will take from ISWO and how you believe they will impact your teaching

Looking Forward: Your Next Step

  • describe at least one specific learning activity or teaching strategy (facilitation and instructor presence can be incorporated here) you plan to include in an upcoming course
  • list your 'next steps' to implementing at least one of your ideas in your teaching in the near future (what, specifically, do you need to do to make this happen?)
Learning OutcomeSelf-Assessment Criteria
Apply adult learning principles and theory to online teaching Engage in reflective practice
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