Kaltura Capture allows you to record any combination of your screen, webcam and microphone. It's a great tool for recording presentations or demo-videos.


To install Kaltura Capture for the first time got to My Media, choose Add New and Kaltura Capture (Screen Recording). You will be prompted to download Kaltura Capture to your computer; accept and follow installation instructions.

Next time you follow the above instructions and choose Kaltura Capture, the Kaltura Capture app will automatically launch.

Recording Instructions: 

Once you have installed and launched Kaltura Capture you can configure it to record the way you want it, be it a screen recording with or without a webcam, only webcam, mic or computer audio. The choice is yours!

1. Set the video inputs to your liking. By clicking the Display or Webcam icon you can turn the video sources on or off. By clicking the little boomerangs next to the icons your can toggle any connected display or webcam, in case you have more than one  connected.

2. When you are ready to record, hit the big red record button. When the recording begins, the duration of your recording will display in the Recording Menu

3. To stop the recording hit there Stop button - the white square. You will be prompted with a confirmation box. Either click Yes, Stop it to stop the recording, or click No to continue recording.  

4. After you stop your recording, you will be directed to the entry page. Enter the following information:

  1. Title of the recording
  2. Description
  3. Tags

5. Click Save & Upload. You will then able to find your recording in My Media.

For a more detailed look at all the features and possibilities of Kaltura Capture you can check out their documentation here.

Last modified: Wednesday, 16 August 2023, 11:53 AM