Replying to a Forum Post

1. To posts in the discussion forum, select the forum you'd like to pose to you. Here you will see all of the topics that have been started in the forum. 

2. To respond to a topic, click on the topic title. Here you can view all the threads and posts.

3. To respond to a post click on "Reply."

4. Enter your response. Or you can click on "advanced" which will give you more space to write or add a video, and a spot to add a file. 

5. Click on "Post to forum."

Starting a Discussion Topic

1.  To start your own discussion topic, click on the forum you would like to post to. 

2. Click on "add new discussion topic." 

3. Enter the title of your topic and the response you'd like to post. Here you can upload a file or post directly. 

4. Click on "post to forum."

Last modified: Thursday, 25 May 2023, 8:32 AM